Tarihi Yudumla

Tarihi Yudumla Tarihi Yudumla is located in one of the biggest cities in Turkey, İzmir. It was first founded in 1971 by Mustafa Türkmen. Now, it is governed by Günhan Türkmen, the second generation of the family.

Tarihi Yudumla supply fresh fruits from the most fertile gardens and never give up the taste of homemade. In the Company’s production range there exists 12 different types of homemade fruit jams and 8 different types of sherbet. The company also do contact manufacturing for some of the leading brands in food and beverage sector in Turkey. The Company’s R&D studies are continuing in order to produce different varieties of diabetic and sugar free products.

Our Mission We aim to provide society with the healthiest products of the highest quality in the most efficient manner, with the principle of respecting nature and humanity.

Our Vision To become an international company by 2015. We are planning to achieve this goal by; exporting 50% of our production, initiating growth of the sector by increasing the consumption per person, achieving excellence in customer satisfaction.

Our Values We make no sacrifice on quality. We are an honest, trustworthy and successful team and we are environmentally and socially conscious. Our production priority is the human health and taste. However, our products does not indicate any chemical substances. We make production according to today’s technology and standards.

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